About Taleveras

Taleveras was created in 2004 with the merger of several existing businesses which were established in 1998. Today Taleveras offers a wide range of integrated and strategic solutions in fields such as energy, power, and logistics on a global scale.

Our energy activities are centered on the physical sourcing and marketing of oil on a worldwide scale. Taleveras also aggressively pursues the acquisition of downstream, midstream, and upstream assets in order to further consolidate its asset base and expand its client offerings.

Taleveras has acquired an excellent reputation as a first class engineering and power services provider, having completed a number of successful civil engineering, power distribution and transmission projects that showcase its extensive expertise. We have also become directly involved in power distribution as a result of our leading role in the 4 Power Consortium, which now controls a large portion of the power distribution network in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Taleveras expanded its activities in the Power sector by successfully winning an acquisition bid for the 900mw Afam Power plant in Rivers State, Nigeria.

As we continue to grow, we aim to align our investments under the governing principle of achieving Africa's 20/20 Vision of becoming one of the world's largest economies. We deem this an act of social responsibility on the part of the group, to do our share in assisting with the social and economic development of the African region and the world at large.

Taleveras understands that the development of a healthy and diverse product portfolio is vital to ensure stability and maximise efficiency and profitability. We invest in strategic assets that complement our existing business and seek to grow our global footprint by expanding our operations into new, robust regions of the world, positioning the firm to take advantage of attractive conditions in the international energy markets.

We recognise that our growth has been enhanced by partnerships with major petroleum companies and major international banks. We therefore continue to emphasize the development of valuable, long-term relationships with investment banks and the leading producers and refiners of crude oil, and marketers of petroleum products. Fundamentally, we remain committed to conducting our business upon transparent financial and operating platforms, augmenting our existing reputation as a reliable partner.