Health, Safety & Environment

In the performance of our work, the health and safety of the people involved and the protection of environmental assets is always our principal concern.  As a conscientious employer, we have both a legal obligation and a moral responsibility to ensure that our various sites and the communities that live alongside them remain free from physical and environmental hazards.

We believe that accidents are caused, and can therefore be prevented.  The health and safety of our employees, including accident prevention and environmental protection, are the responsibility of our individual operating units, working under the guidance of our group-wide Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS).  Our commitment to safe working practices is regularly communicated to employees, sub-contractors and clients, and has equal status with the primary business objectives of the group.

Employees at all levels are guided to perform all duties via the diligent and consistent application of the HSEMS. An internal Social Responsibility Committee reviews all new policies and practices in light of this commitment, ensuring that health, safety and environmental stewardship remain at the forefront of our operations.